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Why donor dollars make a difference – well, we have a plan and you can speed up this plan and help us get the program into more children’s hands, quicker. For years, we have been running two entities concurrently – Boogie Books as the supporting publisher, and the generator of income, and Child Writes – the program and all it involves. As you can imagine, simply being involved with either one of these could very well be a full time job! We propose the following:

If we raised $5000.00, and if we are welcome at a school or within an organisation where children are in crisis (a children’s hospital or refuge) and we were there for five days with five supporting mentors involved in all facets of a books production, we could take a team of children (say 15) through the entire process of creating their own single title. We could print the title (overseas) and have a huge profit margin for the school / organisation selling the books. This same organisation could give back $5000 at the end of the project to fund the next one! There is something deliciously circular about this – paying back AND YET FORWARD! We call this the ‘5 x 5 program’ and we have recently tested the methodology at the behest of the Condamine Alliance for a book called Finnley’s Great Escape.

Your donation is sincerely appreciated, yet if you wish to wait until you can receive tax deductibility for your donation, please contact us and we will (happily!) remind you as soon as we can. If we raise more – well, we can do all sorts of things – have a tutor in a classroom for an entire project ($750 per child) - and much much more! If you are happy to proceed Do so by entering your details below.

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I have had the pleasure of knowing and working closely with Emma Mactaggart for nine years. Middle Ridge State School and our school community has has greatly benefited from Emma's leadership and passion first as a Literacy Ambassador and then for the following eight years as educator when she implemented the Child Writes program with students from Years 4 to 7. During those years, Emma willingly volunteered over 1000 hours of time (just at our school alone), skillfully leading students through the writing and the illustration process, empowering them not only with the gift of writing a children's book but also giving each student the belief in themselves. Emma's enthusiasm, belief and commitment to achieving her goals, are qualities of an inspirational leader. Emma Mactaggart is a selfless and extraordinary women who has led by example. She has positively influenced the lives of 200 plus students who attended Middle Ridge State School and encouraged them to write, illustrate and publish a children's book. Emma has been and always will be, our Literary Champion!
Jill Temple, A/Head of Curriculum; Middle Ridge State School


You'll be amazed when you discover what children can do!