Four Hot Chips

The day starts as any other day starts. With the utterance of a few words, Jo-Ann and David Capp’s world was then shattered when their six-year-old son was diagnosed with cancer. His sister was only eight. As Reid’s health deteriorated, so did the health of Jo and David’s marriage. Would there be a point of no return? With brutal honesty, Jo-Ann takes stock of her role within the relationships she has with those around her, and makes changes, one at a time.


The gloriously creative indulgence of simply sitting and day dreaming has given rise to the greatest creations in human history. We have to give ourselves permission to do ao, and to IMAGINE what will be. Of course, sometimes, 'what will be' may be very silly indeed!

Where is the True Ewe

The little green sheep has finally grown up and now she has a family of her own In a bid to remind us to be fully present as parents, Where is the True Ewe is our collective memoir.

Slow Down Sarah

Sarah’s speedy antics on her motorbike bring havoc and chaos everywhere that she goes, resulting in the resounding cry of “Slow Down, Sarah!” But one day, her Dad is in trouble… can Sarah’s speed save the day?

Lily Fabourama Glamourama

Lily Fabourama Glamourama is a tale of misadventure. Lily is so excited about going to have afternoon tea with her treasured grandmother.

She simply needs to dress and go! It when she begins the search for one missing shoe that everything unravels, one task at a time! A gorgeous insight into life on a farm as well as the interaction between three generations of women.

The Lost Calf

A small calf was standing in a sea of grass in the middle of a moonlit paddock… Where is her mother? How will she survive?

What of the hungry dingo that waits in the shadows? The Lost Calf is an enchanting tale about an orphaned calf who finds a friend…

Into the Waves

A little turtle poked her head out of the sand and stared around the beach. She has a mission… to get the ocean. But it won’t be easy. Dangers line the beach. Will she achieve her goal?

The Messy Incident

A unique situation requires a very clever and unique strategy! Enter Amber Lee, a passionate, aspiring marine biologist, as she works out just how to solve the messy incident!


Mitten the kitten is fiesty and fabulous and knows her own mind.

When she gets distracted, however, she finds herself entering a world she had never imagined existed.

Child Writes Book

How long have you held the dream of creating a children’s picture book? Whether you intend to give the gift of words and images in book form to your loved ones, write the next Children’s bestseller, or help others to bring their ideas to life… Child Writes is the book for you!


'Blue' gently introduced a conversation you can have with the children around you about mental health issues. It is a simple way of demonstrating you…

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.