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So much for being a 'blogger'!

Predominately, the first bit of advice you hear when sitting happily, languishing in the sunshine at writers festivals, or in the stupefying heat of an under-resourced workshop, is if you are going to blog, then BLOG. Don’t pick it up sporadically and assume everyone is still following the conversation. After all, who wants to spend time with someone who only interjects annually? ..

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What you think of when

It is extraordinary how blank your mind can go when you are doing (a) repetitive tasks or (b) repetitive tasks where you shouldn't let your mind go blank! It is a little like going through the process of helping your thought processes switch from the left hand side of your brain to the right hand side when you are working on illustrations.  ..

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Nicole Climbs Her Own Mountain

In a month when Kurt Fearnley highlights the tenacity of disabled bodied athletes by winning the New York Marathon and successfully crawling the Kokoda trail, the focus on issues affecting our general health and well being couldn’t be sharper.   The wheelchair athlete is a passionate advocate for equality and recognition for disabled people in society.   ..

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Sacred Heart School

I was so lucky on Friday. Sacred Heart School invited me to listen to a presentation and workshop by Frané Lessac. It was inspiring to hear how Frane approaches her projects and the amount of research which is conducted before the illustrations even begin. She was impressed with the books the children wrote last year as part of the Child Writes program. She said she had never seen children produce finished work of this calibre! We were all very excited, especially the children who were involved with Child Writes in 2008! ..

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