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Media Moments - 2014 Articles

It may seem nonsensical to put our latest media moment first... but, it says it all really! It has indeed been a top year for Child Writes and the support we have received from media outlets around the country has been outstanding. We are desperate to put the program in to the hands of children who need it most, and this support ensures we move ever so slowly towards that goal x Thank you to the powers that be for getting the word out there! ..

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National Child Writes Competition 2014 Winners!

It is with pleasure we announce the winners of the 2014 Child Writes Competition.

Overall Winner – Writing Category
Jayde Rumoro – St Monica’s Primary School, Moonee Ponds, Victoria
Overall Winner – Illustration Category
Abby Johnstone – Balgowlah Heights Public School, New South Wales

Jayde’s entry starts, ‘Ava sighed as she looked out the window. The sky was a deep blue, like a huge piece of velvet. Ava wished for freedom. She wished to touch the cotton candy clouds and to let her dainty feet feel the lush grass…’ Jayde’s use of analogy and her economy of words allows the reader to use their own bias to interpret the story. 

Abby is a natural illustrator, demonstrating a wonderfully instinctive flair for page design. Her highly stylised creations will be a perfect match to Jayde’s whimsical and melodic story telling… 

Highly Commended

Sophie Stone, NSW 
Keagan Wallace, SA
Bailey Frampton, QLD
Felix Canning, NSW
Escha Leon, ACT
Tristan Robertson, WA

Special Commendation

Mia Francis, NSW
Escha Leon, ACT
Jessica McDonald 

The children acknowledged as receiving a Highly Commended will receive a certificate and a copy of ‘Child Writes: Creating a Children’s Picture Book is Child’s Play’. 

The children who were acknowledged as Special Commendation were inspiring as they entered both categories and effectively submitted a dummy rough (or a mock picture book manuscript). They will also receive a certificate and a copy of the Child Writes book. 

Whilst we have your attention… We wanted to acknowledge two particularly supportive literacy champions – Lindy Chester, Balgowlah Heights Public School and Tom Kibble, Dernancourt School. Knowing that teachers like these two support our children is wonderful and please accept this as a ‘thank you thank you thank you’.


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The Birth of a Story

How long does it take to go from the birth of a story to its publication? Much longer than most authors and illustrators would like! The first word of Slow Down Sarah! found its way to a blank page some time in the early part of 2010, but the concept of writing a children’s picture book was conceived even earlier than that. As I read picture books night after night to my four young children who voraciously devoured every word, it sparked a hunger in me to create my own piece of magic to share with my precious darlings. ..

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Slow Down Sarah – Almost Here!

Here at Child Writes, we’ve been talking about Sarah for a long time! Child Writes’ Business Development Officer, Ainsley Shepherd, wrote the story Slow Down Sarah! a few years ago. OK, maybe longer… But Sarah will soon be arriving. It will be a double celebration at the Child Writes office, with the arrival of Emma’s book Imagine if, also expected. ..

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Review of Child Writes by author Ashtara

Excitedly I began to read your informative book and, as I ventured into new pages, could feel my inner child opening up, wanting to creatively express again. Many years ago I taught myself to write with my non-dominant hand because I knew the process would by-pass my over-analytical left-brain. I also drew a book cover with the same hand. But then I stopped both creative processes. Your book Child Writes inspired me to re-visit the same technique.

Child Writes is beautifully presented and has many practical tips, not only for child writers but also for adults. The illustrations are clear, detailed and easy to understand, and the children’s tips, coming straight from their personal writing experiences, were a delight to read.  I was impressed with the children’s maturity and comprehension – and I felt an undercurrent of their excitement as they became involved in the creative process. The children who experience the Child Writes programme are extremely fortunate and their creative learning process will hold them in good stead for later life. I hope many of them become adult authors.

As a writer I enjoyed, and intend to act upon, the authors’ challenge – “If a child can do it, why can’t you?” I also appreciated, and intend to use, the website references and marketing guide. The inspiration and enthusiasm behind the common sense step-by-step guidance added an extra dimension to the work.

I recommend Child Writes to all budding authors, and will continue to use it as a valuable reference to progress my own work. Congratulations Emma and Ainsley on being awarded the Independent Publisher’s book award. It is well deserved. And thank you for being a catalyst for my creative process.




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