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3 Awesome ways to start a picture book project!

We have a predilection to helping our children learn the most amazing gamete of skills and often the journey starts with an interest at home before you even begin to look to add to the richness of their education with extra-curricular activities. If you are passionate about literacy and about children creating their own book(s!) this may be the ideal way to kick-start the project.  ..

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A bit quiet on the home front?

I don't know about you, but when I looked at my diary this morning, I nearly fell off my chair.  MARCH... how did we get to MARCH!  I feel as though you are standing there, looking into a void (where my blogs should have been!) and just as you are about to turn away... charge.... agghhhhhh.... Here I come!   ..

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START Student Art Toowoomba

Tarn McLean tonight launched START Student Art Toowoomba, with the grand vision of linking a community of secondary school artists with their peers in other towns and cities across Australia and internationally.  "The idea behind START is that it will be a public platform for every Year 11 and 12 student in Toowoomba to showcase their creativity in a professional environment to the public on a monthly basis.'  Child Writes graduates Lissy and Bella are the first two artists who will be mentored by Tarn as she guides them through the curatorial process to the opening night at the end of November.   ..

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Can we help you achieve your bucket list wishes?

Bucket Lists are what we think of as the year draws to a fast, hurtling close!  Have we done everything we set out to do? Have we finished projects?  Are we proud of what we have achieved? Well, a great story from Child Writes is another 12 children have just (today!) finished their books. We refer to them as the newest members of the 100 CLUB, because that is how many hours we estimate they have poured into creating, writing and illustrating their own picture book.  ..

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