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Review of Child Writes by author Terrie Anderson

A review for Child Writes: Creating a Children's Picture Book is Child's Play...

'Succinct, yet inspirational advice for writers on how to create reader interest from the beginning and then to make the story flow.  Emma covers the creative period when the book is little more than an idea and takes the reader/writer through to the publication. Her advice is simple, fun and easy to deploy. I have to say it is not just about children's story writing either, I write non-fiction, and have been 'wishing' I could write fiction. Well, reading Child Writes has unlocked the block within me about how to start on the novel I know is inside. My review was delayed of Child Writes, because the creativity was so freely flowing for me, and I do not know of any other writer who can do that for another writer. I would recommend Child Writes to any writer, even an experienced one will pick up tips, ideas and inspiration from this wonderful book. A budding writer will find it a valuable source of how to and an inspiration at the same time. Teachers and Parents will also find Child Writes a useful guide on what to look for, and how to select  a great children's book to read to others'

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And more for Finnley!

Sometimes, when you least expect it, a wonderful opportunity arises... and it keeps giving!  Before the custom workshop for the Condamine Alliance, the dates were reserved for a Write it WRITE NOW! Workshop.  Not only was it during the school holidays (precious time for me to have with my children) the numbers weren't happening and I was begrudging the entire process! ..

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Huge support for Finnley!

In the January holidays (2014) I worked with a group of 13 children, guiding them to create a children's picture book.  We had a specific brief and we had a a very tight timeline - just three days! The Condamine Alliance 'works with our community to repair and conserve our environment in the Condamine catchment. Our aim is to protect people, water, land and wildlife for future generations.'  ..

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International e-zine jaBlog

Hi Emma and Ainsley

I am the publisher and senior editor of an international e-zine called jaBlog! The Blog by and for Junior AuthorsWe are a publication for beginner and emerging writers between the ages of 9 and 21. We have ongoing submission calls for articles and monthly prompts for poetry, short stories and drama. We are also seeking published books by young writers to review, which may be of interest to the young writers in your programme.

And, I thought you might want to know that one of your former participants wrote a lovely article about your programme which has been published today in jaBlog!

What you do to help the next generation of writers and publishing professionals is very impressive. Thank you.


Laura Michelle Thomas, B.A., B.A., M.A., Author
President, Laura Thomas Communications (Canada)
Publisher & Senior Editor jaBlog!

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3 Awesome ways to start a picture book project!

We have a predilection to helping our children learn the most amazing gamete of skills and often the journey starts with an interest at home before you even begin to look to add to the richness of their education with extra-curricular activities. If you are passionate about literacy and about children creating their own book(s!) this may be the ideal way to kick-start the project.  ..

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A bit quiet on the home front?

I don't know about you, but when I looked at my diary this morning, I nearly fell off my chair.  MARCH... how did we get to MARCH!  I feel as though you are standing there, looking into a void (where my blogs should have been!) and just as you are about to turn away... charge.... agghhhhhh.... Here I come!   ..

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