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It is great to have finally meet you!

Character shopping is an art used by writers all over the world. To do this, all you need to do is find a public place with high pedestrian traffic and then you sit and people watch, pen and paper in hand, and jot down notes if you ‘see’ the perfect person or a person’s particular physical characteristic! I find it is perfectly useful when you need a character who may have a cameo role in a story or even if you are looking for ‘that’ perfect trait to identify an existing character. ..

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Cooking up a storm

Yesterday, I was lucky / organised / sensible / delusional enough to walk away from my computer and I spent three hours in a cooking class. I badly needed to have some time out from my family / my world / my office / my ‘to do’ list...  ..

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The Power of the Edit

Never underestimate the power of the edit. You want to make sure the first time a reader gets their hands on your words, they are not distracted by spelling or punctuation errors (or both!) or lazy hooks, stilting qualifiers, tardy segue ways and repetition.  ..

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A little competition never hurts...

Debut novelist Anna Funder as had a spectacular year. Not because she cleaned up in both the Miles Franklin Award, Australia’s most prestigious literary prize; All That I Am has also won Book of the Year and Literary Fiction Book of the Year at the Australian Book Industry Awards, the 2012 Barbara Jefferis Award, the Independent Bookseller’s Award for Best Debut Fiction, and the Indie Book of the Year. It is reasonable to say Funder is now a literary heavyweight!  ..

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Yippy an IPPY

When you receive the news of a win, your heart races and your pupils dilate.  Your limbs feel as though they are detached and your breathing changes from fluid to chaotic.  It is very difficult to jump out of your seat, find your nearest and dearest loved ones to share the news under these physical circumstances. ..

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Yesterday, Day Three of Queensland Writers Week, I had a very 'writerly' day

After our monthly book club meeting last night, where we dissected that speech from Julia Gillard and Slipper’s great slip up, oh, and books 50 Shades of Grey and The Great Gatsby; I did finally give myself a moment to think about the day.  It helped that our internet connection has spectacularly failed, and the cloud I was relying on for data storage seems to have dissipated... See, rather than get distracted, I could only just think!  ..

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