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So much for being a 'blogger'!

Predominately, the first bit of advice you hear when sitting happily, languishing in the sunshine at writers festivals, or in the stupefying heat of an under-resourced workshop, is if you are going to blog, then BLOG. Don’t pick it up sporadically and assume everyone is still following the conversation. After all, who wants to spend time with someone who only interjects annually?

So – firstly – my apologies.

I actually, genuinely forgot about this option on the website. Forgot how to find it in the backroom which is the administrative side of things and completely forgot my train of thought. It is interesting, and incredibly repetitive to say if I could edit the previous blog – I would simply change the year because right now I am in exactly the same place, with the same aspirational targets and the same nauseating wish list.

My one exciting ‘share’ thought for you today though, is if you say things aloud – they actually do happen. After realising, then bleating about the absurdity of trying to launch Child Writes into the stratosphere by myself, I could not believe it when my phone rang. At the other end, Ainsley was wanting to know more, do more, be involved more – loving the concept and what it could possibly achieve.

The ‘why’ she picked up the phone – I will leave that story for her to tell.

Have a gorgeous day!

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