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Where is the True Ewe Book Launch

Official Launch Speech by special guest, Mrs Mary Wagner:
Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen.
First of all, thank you to Emma and Mary-Kate for asking me to launch this book. I am so honoured to be able to do this.
As you are aware this apparently whimsical book is about motherhood. I was chosen to officiate today because I am a mother. Indeed motherhood has been the driving force of my life for the past 58 years. I am not only a mother to 8 children, but also a grandmother to 30, a great grandmother to 4 and a mother-in-law. Motherhood’s tentacles have pulled in a new and diverse direction and introduced me to so many different people. You just never know who these children and grandchildren are going to bring home and what knowledge will be imparted. It’s a complete education and one that I am so blessed to have received.

Mem Fox and Judy Horacek launched their delightful tale of the search for a green sheep in 2004. It’s been a spectacular success and most children born since then have probably have a copy – maybe several as it’s a popular gift for new babies!

Emma and Mary-Kate, have with the permission of the authors of “Where is the Green Sheep”, parodied its style in “Where is the True Ewe”. It’s quaint and to the point and it is written for adults. Don’t be fooled by its sweet illustrations and simple words! Here is motherhood in its most raw form. Cute as they are, these are not the images of motherhood as proclaimed and instagrammed by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Angelina Jolie.

We have Mum in the kitchen, Mum the taxi driver, Mum the shopper, mum the cook. My personal favourite – apart from the lovely grandmother- is Mum screaming at the children to put on their seatbelts. Now of course the children’s safety is her number one priority, but I’m sure that she is also thinking about what might happen if those “xyz!!! children” cause her to suffer monetarily and lose some licence points!!

And all along we have Mum’s dreams. The things that she might be doing if it were not for those children side by side with the life that she is leading taking care of her lovely family. We’ve all been there and it can be hard but as is shown the peace at the end of the day is its own reward. She is her own True Ewe – everything she has done has made her so.

You will love this book whether you are a parent or not. The parents among you will recognise themselves (or their partners!). Those of you who are not parents will hopefully have a glimmer of how it might have been for your own mother!  And with Mothers’ Day not so very far away you must not forget to show her your appreciation – maybe with a copy of this book!

Emma and Mary -Kate it has been such an honour to be here with you today. I am very proud to say to you all “Here is the New Ewe”!!! Congratulations!

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